News, Events and Information - August

29th August 2023

A Sea-Trout...

A 3lbs Sea-Trout today for Gary K in the Island Pool.


23rd August 2023

One of Each...

2 fish today for Scott H in the Weaver, Scott landed an estimated 12-14lber and a Sea-Trout of 3 1/2 lbs.


15th August 2023

1 Today...

Another fish today for John G, a 5lber from the Bridge Pool.


8th August 2023

1 Today...

A nice 15lber today for John G in the Bridge Pool.


4th August 2023

A Sea-Trout...

A 4lbs Sea-Trout today for Scott H from the Island Pool.


3rd August 2023

2 Today...

Taking a break from grasscutting, Steve downed tools and got his rod out and had a cast or two.

Steve landed a 8lber at the top of the Weavers and a 7lber in the Bridge Pool.


2nd August 2023

A Sea-Trout...

A wet day out on the river today but that didn't stop John G landing a 5lbs Sea-Trout in the Clure.


1st August 2023

A Grilse and 3 Sea-Trout...

Taking advantage of a rise of water, regular rod Gary K landed a 6 1/2 lbs Grilse in the Bishops.

Gary also landed 2 Sea-Trout in the Gooselandale, 9lbs and 3 1/2lbs, and a 5 1/2lber in the Bishops.

Amazing what a bit of water can do.


16th August 2021

Sandra Dickson

It is with great sadness that we announce that Steve's wife Sandra, passed away peacefully on the 14th August in the Borders General Hospital, with her family by her side.

Sandra's funeral will be held at the Borders Crematorium, Melrose on Wednesday 25th August at 11:00am. Afterwards, refreshments will be served at the Henry Ballantyne Club, Walkerburn.

Our Thoughts and Deepest of Sympathies, are with Steve, Kerry and Alistair at this time of great loss.


10th August 2021

3 Sea-Trout...

After heavy rain on the previous afternoon, we got our first rise of water since mid May.

The river was running very dirty from the silt and algae build up on the riverbed, due to the prolonged low and very warm water. The burns were running clear but the main river was chocolate coloured in the morning but was slowly clearing and by late afternoon you could see the bottom along the edges.

Local angler Scott H gave the Bridge Pool a shot in the evening and was rewarded with 3 Sea-Trout in 10 casts. Scott landed and returned 2 at 4lbs and 1 at 3lbs.

More rain is forecast, so hopefully we are out of the doldrums as the countdown to the start of our season approaches.


7th August 2020

One today...

After a big rise on Tuesday, the river has dropped and cleared enough to tempt Steve to have a cast.

Steve landed a 10lber in the Weaver.


19th August 2019

A nice 7lber for local angler Frank G in the Weaver on his favorite Junction Shrimp.


13th August 2019

One of Each...

On the back of a big rise yesterday, Steve landed a 8lber from the Weaver, followed by a 4lbs Sea-Trout from the Bridge Pool.


10th August 2019

Another one...

The Bridge Pool produces again, this time a 7lber for Steve.


8th August 2019

A Grilse run....

A nice 8lber for Steve from the Bridge Pool.


22nd August 2018

Off the mark...

Well Done to Steve, who once again puts our first fish of the season into our catch book.

A familiar story, whilst working on the beat, he spots a fish and it's down tools and out with the rod.

Not long after Steve landed a 6lbs Grilse from the top of the Weaver and then after a bite to eat, a 3lbs Sea-Trout from the Bridge Pool.

With the smile on his face anyone would have thought it was his Birthday....Oh, it was!!!


28th August 2017

A cheeky one...

Another addition to the catch book for Steve, after fishing through the Cauld Hole with an intermediate line Steve switched his line to one of our specially imported head and tips and 5 casts in he landed and returned a 9lber.

Well done Steve, I told you the setup was a winner.


25th August 2016

Another Salmon for Steve, a 9lber in The Bridge Pool which he returned.

Riverbank repairs to the Bridge Pool and gravel removal from the Cauld Hole are well underway and should be completed in the next couple of weeks.


Website problems....

We are having some problems with the website as the company who hosts the website has moved us onto a new server which has caused some problems with the Bookings page. We are working on it and expect everything to be running again very soon.


1st August 2013

Our first fish of the season!!!

After a welcome rise of water over the past few days, Steve the Ghillie, whilst on grass cutting duties, saw a few fish moving and downed tools and had a cast.

He was rewarded with a 9lbs Salmon from The Clure which he released. Then further downstream in the bottom of The Gooselandale Steve hooked a 5lbs Sea-Trout, which after some aerial acrobatics managed to slip over the Cauld and threw the hook.

Steve was using an intermediate tip with a long leader and a small black Snaelda.

Well done Steve.


31st August 2011

As we draw closer to the start of the season, I am happy to say the beat looks in fantastic condition, even the Ghillies from other beats are telling Steve how good the place looks.

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you we've had a lot of water this "summer" and the river has been over 7' high, unheard of in August. The Tweed itself is fishing it's socks off at the moment with some excellent numbers of fish and also some very large 25lb+ fish landed during the spring and summer.

You may have heard in the news that we've had some tourists in the river in the form of American Pink Salmon. Obviously got a dodgy Sat Nav and I can hear the small ones asking "are we there yet?"

On the facilities front I am happy to inform you that we now have an account with Fulling Mill, which gives us an improved range of flies for sale, as well as Seaguar fluorocarbon and a range of hooks. We also still have our range of Arrowhead products from Michael Evans which we are selling at highly discounted prices.

Starting near the end of September I will be posting daily fishing reports on the website so please keep checking in.