News, Events and Information - July

18th July 2023

3 Sea-Trout...

A trio of Sea-Trout today for Tammy W. Tammy landed a 5lber and a 4lber from the Bridge Pool, followed by a 4lber from the Cauld Hole.


17th July 2023

A Sea-Trout...

A nice 5lbs Sea-Trout for Phil H from the Gooselandale.


15th July 2023

One today...

Another fish from the Clure, a 8lber for Phil H.


14th July 2023

Amazing what a bit of water can do...

A nice 9lber today for Graham S from the Clure.


28th July 2022

One for Steve...

Steve was doing some work on the riverbanks and spotted a fish showing in the Bishops.

4 casts later, a nice 9lber was landed and returned.


4th July 2022

First Fish of 2022...

Our first fish of the season has been landed by Scott H in the Bridge Pool.

Scott estimated his fish at around 13lbs.

Our second fish was landed by Steve, a 10lber from the Cauld Hole.

Our third fish was landed by Tammy W, a 9lber from the Bridge Pool. Tammy also landed our first Sea-Trout of the season, a 5lber, again from the Bridge Pool.

Not a bad way to open the catch book.


4th July 2020

One of Each...

With another nice little rise, Steve got tackled up and went fishing.

Steve landed a 7lbs Grilse and a 4lbs Sea-Trout and saw a lot more fish.


26th July 2019

One for Steve...

A nice 9lber for Steve from the Weaver today.


27th July 2017

Away we go with a 2 and a 1...

After a nice rise of water on Wednesday night and a falling river today Steve decided it was time to down tools and have a cast.

Steve invited a couple of friends down to fish and they were all rewarded for their efforts.

Steve led the way with our first fish of the season, a 12lber from the Weaver. Tommy W then followed with a lovely fresh 10lber, again from the Weaver and Paul L, landed a 5lbs Sea-Trout from the Clure.

All returned, well done lads.


22nd July 2016

Off the Mark...

After a rise in the river after the thunderstorms I am pleased to report the we have been able to blow the dust from the catch record book today and enter 3 fish.

Starting us off was, you guested it, Mr Dickson. Steve landed and returned a 11lb Salmon in The Clure.

Our second Salmon was landed by Scott H in The Weaver, a 12lber and our third fish, a 6lbs Sea-Trout for Paul L in The Bishop's. All fish returned

Looking at the records, the last time we caught a Salmon and Sea-Trout in July was back in 2004.

Well done gentlemen.


31st July 2015

Website problems....

We are having some problems with the website as the company who hosts the website has moved us onto a new server which has caused some problems with the Bookings page. We are working on it and expect everything to be running again very soon.


A new smokery has opened in the Ettrick Valley

The Ettrick Valley Smokehouse will collect your fish, brine,smoke and vacuum pack it, then post it to you.

For more details and prices etc. please visit